June 15, 2020

Soyuz MS-17 reserve crew members Anton Shkaplerov and Andrey Babkin go on with preflight trainings in GCTC.

On June 11 they had Egress-2 simulator training in Orlan-MKS.

“The main task of this training is to practice spacesuit preparation for extravehicular activities, – Dmitry Zubovm the head of GCTC department said. –  During this training the cosmonauts have been operating oxygen and thermal control systems, checking spacesuits pressurization and replacing spacesuit components”.

Every crew going to the ISS should know the rules of EVA spacesuit operation, maintenance and storage procedures. “It is necessary due to the fact that apart from EVA planned there may be emergency operations to be performed”, – Dmitry Zubov underlined.

According to cosmonauts training program Anton Shkaplerov and Andrei Babkin will have three Egress-2 simulator trainings.

P.S.: Anton Shkaplerov has been to ISS three times and performed two spacewalks spending in the open space 14 hours and 28 minutes.

Andrei Babkin will go to space for the first time.

Photo credit: GCTC

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