August 5, 2020
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The food rations for the Russian cosmonauts who will go to the moon will consist of canned food and products requiring dilution with hot water, dried fruits, confectionery and juices, said Viktor Dobrovolsky, chief designer for providing food for space crews at the Research Institute of Food Concentration Industry and Special Food Technology.
“They can be formed from ready-to-eat cold foods: canned meat and fish snacks, fruit sticks and dried fruits, confectionery and bread, with the addition of heat-dried or freeze-dried dehydrated foods such as snacks, first and second meals. side dishes, desserts, cottage cheese with additives, juices and drinks “, – said Dobrovolsky in an interview published in the magazine” Russian space “.
According to him, such rations for Russian lunar missions are already being developed.
A distinctive feature of the “lunar” diet will be the maximum use of products with radioprotective, antioxidant and other properties that reduce the negative impact of the environment on the human body, the specialist added.
Earlier it was reported that the landing of Russian cosmonauts on the moon is planned for 2030.
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