November 12, 2021
Categories: ISS

The International Space Station orbital altitude was increased by about 1.2 km on November 10, 2021, to avoid space debris.

Previously, a planned ISS orbit correction was scheduled for November 16 to form the ballistic conditions before the Soyuz MS-20 spacecraft launching and landing, however the avoidance maneuver calculated by the TsNIImash Mission Control Center (part of Roscosmos) allowed cancelling the November 16 reboost.

Currently, Roscosmos cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dubrov and NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei are working at the International Space Station. The Crew-3 mission crew of astronauts Thomas Marshburn, Raja Chari, Kayla Barron and Matthias Maurer is scheduled to join them tomorrow morning. In December, as expected, the station will be visited by spaceflight participants from Japan Yusaku Maezawa and Yozo Hirano, they will fly to the ISS on the Soyuz MS-20 crewed spacecraft commanded by Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin.

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