November 1, 2021
Categories: Roscosmos, Soyuz

The Guiana Space Center (French Guiana) has begun preparations for the Soyuz-ST rocket launch with Galileo spacecraft. In accordance with the schedule of works on October 27, 2021 the Progress Rocket And Space Center specialists together with the Center for the Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities employees (TsENKI, part of Roscosmos) unloaded the Soyuz-ST rocket blocks and began assembling the first and second stages stack.

Currently, the Fregat upper stage was delivered to the FCube structure for fueling. The fueling is managed by NPO Lavochkin specialists and the Barmin Research Institute of Launch Complexes (a branch of TsENKI, both parts of Roscosmos).

Soyuz in Guiana Space Center is an international space project of Roscosmos, the European Space Agency, the National Centre for Space Studies of France and the cooperation of leading rocket and space industry enterprises of Russia and France. As part of the project, TsENKI specialists built a special launch complex at the Guiana Space Center for the Soyuz-ST launch vehicles. Since the first launch on October 21, 2011, 25 Soyuz-ST rockets have been launched.

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