October 5, 2020

The first launch of reusable Amur booster with methane-powered engine is planned for 2026, Roscosmos reported.

Reusability is the major current trend in space industry and rocket engineering aimed first of all to decrease the costs.

So far Russia doesn’t have any reusable boosters.

“According to preliminary estimate flight tests can start in 2026. This complex will gradually replace Soyuz-2 boosters”, – as was stated in press-release.

Two-stage booster Amur-SPG will have a reusable (up to 10 launches) first stage, equipped with RD-0169 engine powered by oxygen and methane.

The booster launched from Vostochny will be able to insert into the low-Earth orbit 9,5 tons in case the first stage is to be reused or 12 tons in case of single use. With the help of Fregat upper stage the booster is to be able to insert into geostationary orbit the payload up to 2,5 tons.

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