January 28, 2022
Categories: Fregat, Roscosmos

The Guiana Space Center (French Guiana) continues preparing the Soyuz-ST-B rocket with a Fregat-M upper stage to launch OneWeb spacecraft as part of mission number 4. Its launch is scheduled for February 10, 2022, at 18:09 UTC.

In accordance with the preparations schedule, specialists of the Center for Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities Operation (part of Roscosmos) are preparing technological equipment at the Soyuz launch complex to receive the rocket at the launchpad, filling the mobile fueling units and stationary cryogenic tanks with rocket fuel components.

Specialists of the Progress Rocket Space Center (part of Roscosmos), in turn, are preparing to assemble the rocket (to mate the stack with the third stage) and carry out autonomous and integrated tests of the rocket control and measurement systems.

Filling of the Fregat-M upper stage propulsion systems with propellant components continues at the FCUBe refueling station. The work is carried out by NPO Lavochkin and TsENKI specialists (part of Roscosmos).

All work performed by Russian specialists at the Guiana Space Center technical and launch complexes is conducted in accordance with the prelaunch schedule.

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