February 3, 2022
Categories: Fregat, OneWeb, Soyuz

Specialists of the Center for Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure Facilities (part of Roscosmos) are preparing systems and units of the Soyuz launch complex in the Guiana Space Center. The works include preparations of the launch complex technological equipment set for the reception of the launch vehicle. TsENKI specialists also carry out final operations to check all communications, including thermostatic control system.

The Soyuz-ST-B rocket with three stages has been assembled in the assembly and testing facility and is completing its electrical and safety equipment checks, conducted by the Progress Rocket and Space Center specialists (a part of Roscosmos) jointly with Arianespace.

OneWeb spacecraft are currently in the S3B building, being installed on the dispenser. The Fregat-M upper stage, after being filled with rocket propellant components, was delivered for spacehead assembly on February 1, 2022.

The launch of the Soyuz-ST-B rocket with the Fregat-M upper stage and OneWeb spacecraft is scheduled for February 10 at 21:09 UTC.

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