August 14, 2020

The tests were carried out at the launch site of the site No. 31 with imitation of work on the schedule of the first launch day. The transport and installation unit with a cargo model imitating the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle was transported from the technical facility to the launch complex by rail. After that, the specialists of the Test Center No. 1 and the Center for Test Control of Rocket and Space Technology of the TsENKI branch twice raised the installer’s boom to a vertical position, held the cargo model for 10 minutes and lowered the boom to its original state.

Complex tests of the installation unit were carried out with the participation of specialists from the enterprises of the State Corporation “Roscosmos”: the Rocket and Space Center “Progress” and the Scientific Research Institute of Launch Complexes named after V.P. Barmina (TsENKI branch). Throughout all stages of testing, measurements were made by the control system and registration of transportation conditions. Analysis of the collected data will reveal the compliance of the overload values ​​with the limits of permissible values ​​according to technical documentation.

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