July 1, 2024
Categories: ISS, Russia, Space

Yesterday the orbit of the International Space Station was adjusted: it was raised by 1.36 km. Now the orbit has reached 418.25 kilometres. This was done to ensure the launch of the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-26 and the landing of Soyuz MS-25, scheduled for September 2024.

The engines of the Progress MS-26 spacecraft docked to the Zvezda service module of the Russian segment of the ISS started to operate at 01:39 Moscow time. According to preliminary data from the Central Control Centre, they operated for 536 seconds, producing a pulse of 0.78 m/s.

During the entire flight, the ISS carried out 361 corrections to the height of its orbit, of which 204 – with the help of the engines of “Progress” spacecrafts.

The launch of the manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-26 is scheduled for September 11. The main crew of the 72nd long-term expedition to the ISS includes cosmonauts of Roscosmos Alexei Ovchinin and Ivan Wagner, NASA astronaut Donald Pettit.

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