June 29, 2024
Categories: Russia, Satellites

The second of nine Earth observation satellites (EOS) “Stilsat” is to be launched in 2025. Anton Burmak, executive director of Stilsat, named the dates. He recalled that the first satellite of the “Stilsat” series was launched in 2024 with the help of international partners.

“The second satellite is planned for next year, the second-third quarter. Assembly will begin at the end of this year. Accordingly, we plan to complete a constellation of nine satellites by 2027,” Burmak said at a meeting of the interdepartmental commission on the use of the results of space activities.

The ultra-high resolution satellite Stilsat weighs 420 kilograms. The spacecraft’s spatial resolution is 50-60 centimetres per pixel and its capture bandwidth is 12 kilometres. “Stilsat” will be able to work actively in orbit for five years.

Earlier in June, Mikhail Khailov, deputy director general of Roscosmos state corporation for space complexes and systems, said that the Stork, Obzor-R, and Kondor-FKA satellites would be launched by the end of 2024.

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