August 21, 2020
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An air leak has occurred on the ISS. The entire crew took refuge in the Russian segment of the station.
The entire crew of the International Space Station (ISS) will spend the next three days in the Russian Zvezda module. The devices recorded an air leak at the station.
According to the informant, the leak is small and does not pose a serious danger. “In order to find its source, it is planned to isolate the modules of the American segment of the station in the near future by closing the hatches between them,” the agency’s interlocutor said.
This information was later confirmed by Roskosmos. They reported that, together with the American side, it was decided to transfer the crew members of the station to the Zvezda module on Friday in order to organize pressure control in the modules of the NASA segment.
“The air leak was recorded by the instruments of the Russian segment of the station to change the proportion of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the station’s atmosphere.” The source named a hole in the station’s body due to the ingress of a micrometeorite or a fragment of space debris as a possible cause of the leak.
The last time an air leak on the ISS was discovered on August 30, 2018. Then the leak occurred due to a man-made hole in the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft, the reasons for the appearance of which are unknown to this day. In any case, the report of the commission of inquiry into this event was never made public.
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