May 11, 2021
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Final stage of Nauka research module production control tests according to the ground-based preflight preparation program is under way in the integration building at pad #254 of Baikonur launchsite.

In accordance with schedule Nauka is going to pass vacuum leak testing designated to check pressurization of large-size compartments and board systems on ground. The module has already undergone preparatory operations, was filled with helium-air gas mixture and installed into the vacuum chamber.

The tests will last for a month within which the pressurization of the body, hatches  and docking units as well as the operation of pneumatic hydraulic systems and external hydraulic circuits will be tested.

After that radiator panels will be installed, temperature control system circuit filled and ERA European manipulator mounted. After the final testing program is completed the ordering party that is  RSC Energia will  inspect and accept the module.

The operations at the technical area are to be conducted by RSC Enerdia and Yuzhny Space Centre specialists in the framework of nominal preparations of the module that will last for 54 days. The specialists will install solar arrays, place cargoes, assemble space head, fuel the tanks of the module   accomplish general assembling and check weighting of the module.

Photo credit: Roscosmos

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