August 25, 2020
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 Isolation of the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) in the Russian segment has been extended for a day, the place of the air leak has not yet been found, the search will continue, a spokesman for the Roscosmos press service said.
“Following the results of the working meeting of the partner countries’ control centers, it was decided to open the hatches on August 25 at 11.00 Moscow time. After that, the crew will continue the regular work program on the ISS,” he said.
It was previously planned that the isolation will end on August 24.
“The meeting participants stated the tightness of all tested modules of the station. After opening the hatches, the crew will continue to monitor the level of pressure and atmosphere at the station,” added a spokesman for the Roscosmos press service.
On Friday, the ISS crew was isolated in the Russian segment of the station in connection with the search for an air leak, presumably on the US segment of the ISS. It was reported that the leak was recorded last year, but due to its insignificance, no action was taken.
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