April 15, 2022
Categories: ISS, Spacewalk

Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Artemiev and Denis Matveev are continuing preparations for the first spacewalk during their stay in space.

The 52nd planned spacewalk (EVA-52) is scheduled for April 18, 17:25 Moscow Time from the Poisk (MRM2) module, and according to current plans the duration of the extravehicular activities will be 6 hours 38 minutes. The spacewalk tasks are mostly related to the integration of the ERA robotic arm into the ISS RS.

The Russian cosmonauts are to install and hook up the robotic arm, as well as to check out its external control panel, to dismantle protective caps, to relocate the TV camera unit of the Multipurpose Laboratory Module Nauka, to install a portable workstation adapter on the outer surface of Nauka.

Thus, this year’s second spacewalk will usher in a series of EVAs dedicated to the hooking up and integration of the robotic arm into the station.

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