July 14, 2020

Progress MS-15 cargo vehicle to be launched to the ISS on July 23 apart from the standard set of food products will deliver to the station some compotes and fish courses, Institute for Biomedical Problems Nutrition Department Head Alexander Agureev reported.

“Compote made of apples and pears, plum compote, mashed apples dessert and strawberry jam for one cosmonaut and another container with fish courses for another”, – said Agureev listing cosmonauts individual orders.

Progress will also provide the cosmonauts with traditional stock of fresh fruits and vegetables comprising apples, grapefruits and oranges as well as some sauces (adjica sauce and apple-cranberry sweet sauce).  Besides the stock also included condensed milk, shredded huckleberries and mashed dried apricots.

Among the products making up cosmonauts’ standard food rations there is lamb, sturgeon, beef tongue, borsch with smoked meat, shchi, cottage cheese, ginger cookies, fruit juice, tea and cocoa.

Progress MS-15 vehicle will be launched by Soyuz-2.1a booster from Baikonur on July 23 at 17.26, Moscow time, and dock with the space station at 20.47 same day.

Aboard the ISS there are currently working two Russian cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner and three American astronauts Christopher Cassidy, Duglas Hurley and Robert Behnken.

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