July 23, 2020
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Roscosmos decided to develop hydrogen engine for Angara booster, – corporation press-office reported.

“It will enable us first to develop the booster of higher carrying capacity and a rocket with reusable stages in the future”, – the source stated.

As for 2019 the outline of the engine preliminarily named RD-0150 was already prepared, – Energomash Scientific development and production center Igor Arbuzov had explained.

The RD-0150 engines are to be used for Angara-A5V booster’s third stage thus enabling to increase its carrying capacity. Due to hydrogen engine Angara will insert into low-earth orbit up to 37 tons of payload instead of 20 tons heavy Angara-A5 is capable of orbiting.

Angara-A5MV with reusable stages will be developed on the basis of Angara A5V.

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