November 27, 2020

A series of ISS elements is already damaged, there will be a numerous breakdowns starting from 2025, thut it makes sense to focus on national tation development, RSC Energia Deputy Director Vladimir Solovyov stated.

Here are some abstracts from his speech held at Russian Academy of Sciences meeting dedicated to space issues.

“Russia lies under obligations to take part in the ISS project till 2025. Even now a series of ISS pars are seriously damaged and are running our of service. Many of them are not replaceable. We can predict that after 2025 many ISS systems will go out of operation”, – the manager said.

According to RSC Energia that is currently Russian ISS segment operator future expenses on station maintenance Russia would bear amount to about 10-15 billion rubles per year that is “too much”.

Russia needs to review the terms and conditions of participation in the project and focus on national space programs implementation, – Solovyov suggests.

In the course of the meeting he presented the project of future Russian space station with open architecture and unlimited operational period due to modules replacement.

Russian space station is supposed to have 3-7 modules and provide for the work of  2-4 cosmonauts  aboard. The works on the station deployment will start from 2024.


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