May 17, 2021
Categories: Progress, Roscosmos

Specialists of RSC Progress (Samara, part of Roscosmos) have finished welding the first stage oxidizer tank (tank ‘O’) for the new Soyuz-5 launch vehicle. The X-ray inspection confirmed the absence of defects in the welded seams.

Progress specialists have manufactured a full-size simulator of the oxidizer tank of the Soyuz-5 new generation rocket with a diameter of 4100 mm. After the installation of the in-tank equipment, tank ‘O’ will be sent to TsNIIMash (part of Roscosmos) for dynamic tests. Manufacturing of the Soyuz-5 first stage oxidizer tank is a significant milestone in the production of a new generation launch vehicle.

The Soyuz-5 perspective two-stage medium-class launch vehicle is being developed to ensure launches of unmanned spacecraft into sun-synchronous, highly elliptical, transfer and geostationary orbits, including the use of upper stages. The rocket will employ new engines: the first stage main engine is RD-171 MV developed by NPO Energomash and the second-stage engine RD-0124 MS developed by the Voronezh Chemical Automatics Design Bureau (both are parts of Roscosmos). The engines provide close-to-maximum performance and operate on oxygen-naphthyl fuel. The launches of the new carrier rocket are planned from the Baikonur Cosmodrome as part of the Russian-Kazakh Baiterek project.

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