September 6, 2019

At the Baikonur Cosmodrome is undergoing a planned preparations for the launch of the “Eutelsat-5WB” and “MEV-1” satellites by the “Proton-M” heavy carrier rocket.

The launch contract was signed by International Launch Services, Inc. and the global satellite operator Eutelsat S.A.

In accordance with the launch campaign schedule, Russian and foreign experts continue to conduct autonomous tests of the components of the head part.

On September 5, 2019 specialists of the Khrunichev Space Center (part of Roscosmos State Corporation) and Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (satellite manufacturer) performed a series of joint electrical inspections of the transition system to conduct trial tests.

The adapter system, developed and manufactured at the Khrunichev Center, will ensure the docking of spacecraft with the “Breeze-M” upper stage.

On September 6 a series of tests is planned for compatibility of the interfaces of the transition system and the “Eutelsat-5WB” and “MEV-1” satellites.

The launch of the “Proton-M” launch vehicle with the “Breeze – M” upper stage and the “Eutelsat-5WB” and “MEV-1” satellites is scheduled in late September 2019.





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