February 6, 2020
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According to ISS flight program Soyuz MS-13 crew comprising commander Roscosmos cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov, Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA female astronaut Christina Koch successfully landed in Kazakhstan.

It is necessary to note that Christina Koch now is holding the flight duration record among female astronauts since she has spent 328 days in space beating Peggy Whitson’s record whose total flight duration is 288 days.

At 08.50 Moscow time Soyuz MS-13 undocked from the ISS and got an impulse for deorbiting.

Descent capsule successfully landed at 12.13 (Moscow time) 147 km to the South-East of Zhezkazgan city (Kazakhstan).

Weather conditions in Kazakh steppe in winter leave much to be desired, but search and rescue team specialists are always in right place at the right time.

The importance of their mission cannot be overstated: it is search and rescue teams, that help the heroes to “make their first steps” on the Earth again.

The team prepares special presents for every crew they meet.

This time the cosmonauts asked them to bring some fresh Kazakh apples.

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