April 28, 2021
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Russian cargo vehicle Progress MS-14 that had spend record for Russian cargo vehicles time on the orbit undocked from the ISS.

The vehicle undocked from Zvezda module of Russian ISS segment at 02.11, Moscow time.

Earlier Roscosmos has reported that Progress MS-14 would spent about 24 hours in autonomous flight to test new attitude establishing system

It is expected that at 03.01, Moscow time, on April 29, the vehicle thrusters are to be shut down and at 03.34, Moscow time, the vehicle enters dense atmosphere and will be destroyed. According to specialists’ calculations the debris will sink in non-navigational Southern part of the Pacific Ocean 3150 kilometers to Wellington (New Zealand).

By the time of drowning Progress MS-14 total flight duration will amount to 369 days. Previous record-holding Russian cargo vehicle was Progress M-17 that spent on the orbit 337 days during flight to Mir space station in 1993-1994.

Progress vehicles are used to deliver various cargos to the ISS including fuel, oxygen, air and potable water. 168 Progress vehicles of various modifications have been launched since 1978. Only three of them didn’t reach the ISS due to the booster failure (in 2011, 2015 and 2016).

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